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Bridge Station

An old man sells scratch cards outside of a train station watching the people pass by. Everyday, they emerge from the station at the same time and disperses into the street without paying attention to him. Starring: Sean Colgan, Mark McCabe, Amy De Bhrún Director: Christopher Brennan  Producer: Francois [...]

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Thin Air

A psychological horror about  a group of friends who return to Cara's family cottage by a lake for a photoshoot. Her friends start to disappear one by one... questioning her sanity, her identity, her will to live, she is caught in a race for survival in a battle where the darkest forces [...]

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A mentally unstable homeless man attempts to save his new and only friend from the world of drug dealers that make his life a living hell. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoIsYYLfHyQ Starring: Peter Coonan, Barry Keoghan, John Connors, Mary Murray. Director: Mark O’Connor Producer: TJ O’Grady Peyton Executive Producer: Cormac Fox imdb.com - Stalker [...]

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Barróg Béir

A young aggressive man named Enda, ends up in the one job he never ever would of wanted.   https://vimeo.com/107820432 Starring: Conor Scott, Emer O'Carroll & Aidan Lawlor Directed by: Gavin FitzGerald & Sibéal Davitt Produced by: Richard Bolger Focus Puller: Tommy Fitzgerald Clapper Loader: Michael Gilbert Awards: Fingal Film Festival: (2014) Best [...]

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  • leopard film


Leopard - Feature Film Title: “Leopard”  Category: Feature Film Director: Eoin Macken Starring: Tom Hopper, Jack Reynor, Eoin Macken, Liam Carney and Brian Fortune Cold centers around two disconnected English brothers who are ostracised in a small village in the west of Ireland. Drawn back together by the unexpected and mysterious death of [...]

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  • maisey short film


"Maisey" - Movie Title: “Maisey” Category: MovieShort Film Director: Tommy Fitzgerald Starring: Maura Foley, Ally Ryan, Tim McDonnell A disturbed young woman struggles to keep control of her four year old niece whilst in the midst of a domestic war between the mother and the father of the child. [...]

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  • Black 47- Movie. Eimear Ennis Graham Cinematographer

Black 47

"Black 47" - Short Film Title: “Black 47”  Category: Short Film Director: Kenny Leigh Starring: Fionn Foley, Ross MacMahon The year is 1847, the height of the Great Famine and Henry must bring a coffin over a barren mountain pass. He meets a nameless stranger who, claims to know the land, leads Henry through [...]

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  • today short movie drama


'Today' is a hard hitting short drama about a man who wakes up one morning in his car, disorientated, with no recollection of how he ended up parked in the middle of nowhere. The harsh reality soon comes flooding back once he gathers his thoughts. Director: Tristan Heanue Writer: Tristan Heanue [...]

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