Bless me father

In a small Irish town where secrets are rare, a local man goes to church to confess his.  Staring: Francis Magee, Phelim Drew, Glynis CassonDirector: Paul Martin HoranProducer: Dawn McAllisterExecutive Producer: Michael Donnelly, Paul Martin HoranProduction Company: MDV  Focus Puller: JJ SullivanClapper Loader/ DIT: Adam OzminGaffer: Mark LawlessColorist: André S Brandão - Bless Me [...]

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A loose time-travel story, but with more dramatic elements, rather than science fiction; centred around grief which is examined through time. Starring: Michael O'Kelly  Director: Natasha Waugh Focus Puller: Sonya Deegan

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Dog Eat Dog

A hustler on the run and desperate takes one last job to pay off his debt to a psychotic kingpin. But all is not as it seems in a dog eat dog world. Starring: Brian Fortune, Tristan Heanue, Eddie Jackson, Kevin Sharkey, Tim McDonnell, Irma Mali, Chloe Gibson Director: Gavin McDonnell Producer: Tim [...]

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TERMINAL is a new short film project about the decisions women make in the face of overwhelming personal circumstance. A girl and a woman meet in an airport departure gate. Just before they board a plane to Manchester, we witness a private exchange as they share the different reasons that brought them [...]

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  What can you do when you’ve accidentally smashed the local statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary? The  only thing you can do: frame your older brother.   Director: Shaun O'Connor Producer: Sharon Cronin Production Company: Character Films Focus Puller: Daniel Kelly Clapper Loader: Zianna Pfeiffer - Mary     [...]

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Shem the Penman Sings Again

Shem The Penman Sings Again deals creatively with the relationship between James Joyce and the renowned Irish tenor John McCormack. It examines Joyce's love of music and song through the Earwicker Twins in Finnegans Wake, Shem the Penman and Shaun the Post, thereby shedding light on Joyce's final difficult novel. [...]

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Forest Water

Sarah runs away to a childhood haunt in order to escape her current reality, when things take an unexpected turn she realises she needs to face her current situation head on, rather than attempting to hide away.  Starring: Slaine Kelly, Conor Scott, Tim McDonell Director: Michael Rob Costine Producer: Richard Bolger Production Company: Five [...]

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The Audition

The film follows Natasha an aspiring Dublin actress who goes to audition for what she hopes will be the role of a lifetime. However, as the story unfolds Natasha realizes not all is as it seems... and some roles are to die for. Starring: Mark Donaghy, Sinead Watters, Aidan [...]

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When Olivia is pushed to her limit, she has to find the determination and inner strength to carry on through life's most difficult times.   Starring: Lauryn Canny, Ally Ni Chiarain, Seana O'Hanlon Director: Annika Cassidy Focus Puller: JJ Sullivan & Gosia Gur Clapper Loader: Andrew Moore [...]

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The film tells the story of Lily, a girl with a secret, on the cusp of becoming a young woman. Trailer: Starring: Clara Harte, Dean Quinn, Leah McNamara, Amy Joyce Hastings & Paul Ronan.  Director: Graham Cantwell Producer: Sharon Cronin, Ciaran Byrne, Emma Carlsson, Indah Pietersz Executive Producer: Alan Fitzpatrick, Stephen Gibson, [...]

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